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Portfolio of Luis Dille
Hi ツ — I'm a UI/UX designer, creator and digital enthusiast currently solving problems at CAMAO.ONE Agency.
● About me
I personally have a gripe against badly designed software. that’s why I’ve made it my mission to not only make digital products more beautiful but also to make them more user friendly. when i do so i love working at the intersection between design and development because of my technical background (⌐◨-◨).
I have years of experience working in the field of UI/UX Design. During my professional career I’ve had the pleasure to work with companies of various sizes and different products. I love to solve complex problems and build appealing usable digital experiences.
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● Work
I’ve had the pleasure to already work for some wonderful clients who connect people (♡), help people build their businesses (✦), make payments easy (✌︎) or simply help people too look their best (★).

My work helped these clients achieve their goals and were used by thousands of users.
Unfortunately I can't show more of the Projects because of NDA's.
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MagentaTV - Deutsche Telekom
Digital Product Advisor
I’ve had the pleasure to develop a playful, digital product advisor together with the wonderful team at Deutsche Telekom. The product advisor helps the users to find their perfect MagentaTV package while navigating all the available options.
Webflow Landing Page Fluxum Gernsheim
I developed the website for the newly founded GreenTech Park Fluxum Gernsheim with Webflow. Fluxum Gernsheim is an incubator for sustainable businesses in the Rhein-Main area.
Deutsche Telekom IoT
Redesign Internet of Things Homepage
The IoT department of Deutsche Telekom was looking for a fresh, new concept for their homepage which transported their disruptive and innovative approach and brand better. I got ahead and crafted a bold and fresh prototype for that.
KAO Germany
Education Plus App
The beauty brand Goldwell created an app for their hairdressers to use as a digital toolkit in their salons. The app hasn’t received a major overhaul in years and was now in dire need of it. I helped to modernize the app by designing new functionalities and modules for it.
Deutsche Telekom
Magenta Business POS
Deutsche Telekom launched a POS system in 2021 for the gastronomy and other businesses. I helped developing an online marketing strategy for the product by creating a social media campaign for it.
● What I do
● What I do
Ideas & Strategy
The beginning phase of every project is crucial because that’s were the foundation is build and the direction for the project gets shaped. In this early phase I’d like to help with the right strategy, build moodboards and do benchmarks.
UI/UX Design
I create digital user interfaces for a variety of digital products from website to app. While doing so I try to come up with the best User Experiences possible by paying attention to the little big details that really matter.
Prototyping & Development
Sometimes static screen designs are just not cutting it to really see if the product solves the original problem. If that’s the case a Prototype can help validate the idea. In some cases, I also take over the development of a product as well, especially Webfow websites.
● My Path
CAMAO / UI/UX Designer
2019 - Present
Deutsche Telekom / UI/UX Designer
Deutsche Telekom / Business Intelligence
HfTL Leipzig / B.Sc. Computer Science & Economics